Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about paid clockfaces, safety and general issues. Read through and follow the included links for more information.

How do I purchase or unlock a clockface?

  1. Install the clockface normally from the Fitbit App Gallery found on the Fitbit app on your phone.
  2. When the install is complete the clockface will display a number code. Go to https://kiezelpay.com/code and insert the code there. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the purchase.
  3. After completing the payment process the clockface will be automatically activated and you will be sent a "Purchase Success" email. Save the email as it has a direct link to the clockface(s) for easy re-installing in case you change between different clockfaces.

You only pay once! To re-install a clockface you've purchased earlier go to https://kiezelpay.com/unlock and unlock the clockface using your email address and the code from the watch.

You can look up your purchase history at https://kiezelpay.com/lookup.

See https://kiezelpay.com/faq for more information.

What is a bundle and how does it work?

Bundles are a handy way to gain access to multiple clockfaces at once while saving money. They are offered to you during the purchase process of a single clockface.

You can also purchase a bundle directly. Just make sure you choose right bundle for your device.

The Total Bundle is the most popular bundle. It contains all the current and future clockfaces available for the selected device.

After you've bought a bundle download and install any of the clockfaces as usual. When you get the code on the watch go to https://kiezelpay.com/unlock to unlock it for free.

It is not possible to install several clockfaces at once but most of the new clockfaces are able to unlock automatically if there is already one clockface from the bundle installed and unlocked on the watch.

Why is Fitbit saying 'Proceed with caution'. Is it safe to install a paid clockface?

Yes it is! Even though Fitbit does not endorse third-party developers every clockface available in the Fitbit App Gallery has been checked and tested by Fitbit.

Fitbit does not in anyway handle the payments related to the clockfaces and therefore makes it clear to the user before installing a paid clockface.

All the Supeerb clockfaces use the Kiezelpay system to handle the payments and unlocking of the clockfaces. See https://kiezelpay.com/faq for more information.

I installed a paid clockface - is my watch locked if I don't pay?

No, the watch is not locked. Only the clockface that you just installed is locked until it's paid for.

If you don't wish to pay simply open the clockface section in the Fitbit app and switch to another one. Then you can remove the one you don't want.

See the Fitbit instructions for managing the installed clockfaces.

I don't remember what I've bought. Have I lost all my purchases?

You can look up your purchase history at https://kiezelpay.com/lookup using your email address.

Can I cancel the purchase?

Sure! Kiezelpay gives refunds up to 30 days after your purchase. Instructions for the refund: https://kiezelpay.com/faq/faq-refund

Why is my clockface not working? The usual issues.

Often issues appear after firmware or Fitbit app updates. Usually uninstalling the clockface properly and then reinstalling it fixes issues.

It is still recommended you keep the Fitbit app and the watch firmware up to date. So if an update pops up just install it.

  • The clockface changes suddenly and the screen stays on

    You are describing the Always On Display mode. You can enable or disable it in from the quick settings on your watch. Some clockfaces have special modes for the AOD so the clockface changes along with the AOD mode.

  • The clockface is not showing any data

    Make sure you have enabled the permissions for the clockface. They are asked when installing the clockface but can be found in the clockface details in the Fitbit app.

  • The clockface looks different than on the screenshots or the data is 'missing'

    Most of the clockfaces have different screen modes. You toggle these by tapping different areas of the screen. Instructions are usually on the clockface description or in the clockface settings.

  • The clockface settings are not working

    The clockface settings sometimes stop working after the Fitbit app gets a big update or the firmware is updated on the watch. Usual fixes are restarting the watch AND also the phone. If nothing else helps try reinstalling the clockface.

  • The weather is not loading

    Most common issue is that the user has prevented the Fitbit app from accessing the GPS when the app is not running. This prevents the clockface from getting the weather.

  • The temperature unit is wrong

    If the clockface settings don't have an option for Fahreinheit/Celsius then the unit is set based on the Fitbit account. Weirdly the Fitbit account determines the unit based on the length units. Feet get you Fahrenheit while Meters get you Celsius.

Save by choosing a bundle! With a bundle you gain access to several clockfaces with one payment.

The Total Bundle contains all current and future clockfaces compatible with your device. Install a clockface from the Fitbit gallery and unlock with your email and the code shown on the watch. See the F.A.Q for more information.

Choose your device to see available bundles:

This is clockface will be available SOON! After the design and functionality have been perfected, Fitbit will review it before it will be added to the Fitbit gallery.

When available it will be part of the Total Bundle.