Clockfaces and apps for Fitbit Smartwatches

Need help? (F.A.Q)

On this page are some of the most commonly asked questions about the clockfaces and apps.

My clockface is not working!!!

Here's a checklist and fixes for the most common issues:

  • First things first
    • Make sure your Fitbit app has been updated to the latest version. Also - if your Fitbit has a firmware updated available you should install it.
    • Make sure you've given the clockface the permissions it needs.
  • The clockface looks different than on the screenshots or the data is 'missing'
    Most of the clockfaces have different screen modes. You toggle these by tapping different areas of the screen. Instructions are usually on the clocface description or in the clockface settings.
  • The settings are not working
    The clockface settings sometimes stop working after the Fitbit app gets a big update or the firmware is updated on the watch. Usual fixes are restarting the watch AND also the phone. If nothing else helps try reinstalling the clockface.
  • The weather is not loading
    Most common issue is that the user has prevented the Fitbit app from accessing the GPS when the app is not running. This prevents the clockface from getting the weather.
  • The temperature unit is wrong
    If the clockface doesn't have a setting for F/C then the unit is set based on the Fitbit account. Fitbit account determines the unit based on the length units. Feet get you Fahrenheit while Meters get you Celsius.
    If you start experiencing weird issues after firmware updates or Fitbit app updates it would be good to report it to Fitbit support: Reporting issues helps Fitbit track down bugs.

Purchasing a clockface/app and (re)installing it

When installing a paid clockface/app instructions will be displayed on the screen of your Fitbit. Go to the web address shown on the screen (or to and enter the displayed code. Next you will be asked to choose the payment method. After completing the payment process the clockface will be automatically activated and you will get a receipt in your email. Save the email as it has a direct link to the clockface for easy reinstalling in case you change between different clockfaces. You don't have to pay again!

You only pay once! You can unlock a previously paid clockface at Enter the code displayed on the Fitbit's screen and use the same email you used when buying it the first time.

See for more information.

Why donations?

I have made a lot of free clockfaces and if you like them you can buy me a cup of coffee by donating via PayPal at Though currently the donations are used to pay for the weather service on the free clockfaces.

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